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When an injured or sick animal is found we will do everything we can to make them better. Here you have Theo. He was probably hit by a car and suffered spinal damage. Unable to walk he survived dragging himself. Once found he was taken immediately to the vet. He has become a permanent resident at the sanctuary. With the donations received we were able to order his wheelchair. He is now enjoying life, running around etc...

Every day we encounter victims of physical and mental abuse. Many are injured or badly ravaged with mange, fleas, ticks, worms, severe malnutrition, canine distemper, parvovirus, panleucopenia and even worked to near death and disablement.
We specialise in nursing animals that are close to death back to full health, regaining their confidence in man, regaining their dignity and zest for life. We allow our animals to enjoy true love and affection that they deserve in surroundings they enjoy without enclosures or walled kennels.

Local people are now showing concern for an animals welfare and calling us to rescue those in distress and facing a life threatening situation. Abdenbi not only called us when he found Albert but also paid for his medical care and sponsors him so that he has a forever home with us. He is a very old dog that was thrown onto the street to fend for himself as he could no longer be a guard dog. Albert was skeletal, obviously could not scavenge, frail, had a large tumour, liver condition and bad arthritis. He had maybe a few weeks left to survive.

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Working donkeys are a necessity for poor families. This working donkey has a foal. The owner wanted to abandon the foal because she said the working donkey couldn't cope with feeding the foal and carrying heavy loads . We have told the owner the foal could stay at the sanctuary full time and the mother could come and join the foal after work to be well fed and this way we are helping all parties, both donkeys and the owner.

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We do all we can to offer the best possible care to each animal. We make sure our disabled animals have a good quality of life


This lovely bitch and her pups were abandoned. They have all been neutered, treated and vaccinated.
Two puppies were adopted. Two pups have become shepherd dogs and one pup is so nervous, she is staying at the sanctuary together with her mum.

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SFT is a magical place for so many different species of animals that require a forever home and a life time of special care.
They are all adored and readily welcome any newcomer to the ever expanding family.